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Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is one of the most important session of a Construction Project. Construction debris can be harmful to site workers and visitors, that is why a construction cleaning is necessary to eliminate any safety risks that might be caused by the debris.

With our Unique Scope Of Work we give the best Cleaning for your project, giving it a sparkling and refreshed look. We Vacuum, Strip, Seal, and Polish the floor, Dusting all surfaces from wall to wall and so on.

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With our industrial Vacuum cleaner we take out all the Dirt and Debris in the construction site.


For the best result we use Zep Floor Stripper to strip the floor alongside the floor scrubbing machine.



After Stripping the floor, we get the floor sealed with Zep Floor Sealer to protect any porous floor surface and making it a great solution to reduce wear and tear, as well as maintenance much easier.


After applying the sealer and let it dry, polishing the floor is the next, with the Zep floor Polish, it helps restore the luster and shine while also locking in essential oils that protect the surface from drying out and cracking,

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